Internet Marketing & Fashion

Providing cutting edge knowledge on the subject of digital marketing in the fashion business.

What is the difference between providing digital marketing services to fashion brands and any other industry?


The people working in the vogue/fashion world are highly confident individuals with a sense of beauty and the like to work with similar individuals or companies. The prefer Tom Ford suit to shorts and a lousy tee, boutique digital marketing agency from the hip or posh part of town to a freelancer or a boring agency, which has been around for centuries.

These people know what they want and most importantly, they can afford it. And they do expect results. Rightfully so.

Sometimes those two worlds mix together so well that you’d hardly tell the difference. They like to live in expensive apartments in Soho, Klerkenvell, Hollywood, etc. They just know how to enjoy the better (and expensive) things in life. If you want to become part of this world, you better be ready to spend high.

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