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    Welcome to the GPC's Community of Practice.

    The Global Protection Cluster's Community of Practice is a forum for discussing and sharing existing approaches, techniques, and ideas that have worked (or not worked), and to share knowledge about this work. This is a dedicated space for the GPC to foster a culture of innovation and information sharing.

    New: Please check our Arabic Glossary of Humanitarian terms here: Arabic

    Don't forget to read the GPC "How to Use Guide" to help you navigate the GPC Community of Practice and make use of its features. Please check our How To Use Guide here: English

    Please check out our Communication Package on Protection, now available in English, French, Arabic, and Spanish

    Don't miss the video on "What is Protection" now available in English, French, Arabic, and Spanish.

    GPC has released the GPC Community of Practice Working Code - discover the standards of practice for our community here: English

    The Global Protection Cluster Community of Practice is where best practices and innovations first emerge and where the solutions to shared problems are first identified in protection. This space is for problem solving, seeking experience, coordination, discussions, and lessons learnt good or bad. 

    • Organize and manage a body of knowledge from which GPC community members can draw upon
    • Develop and disseminate GPC good practices, guidelines, and procedures for members
    • Innovation communities: create breakthrough ideas, new knowledge and new practices

    The GPC Community of Practice is easy to use, user-driven, and privacy can be easily customized at every level.

    • It is about collective knowledge
    • It is about Working Smarter; It  puts you in touch with like-minded colleagues and peers
    • Allows you to share your experiences and learn from others
    • Allows you to collaborate and achieve common outcomes
    • Validates and builds on existing knowledge and good practice
    • Provides the opportunity to innovate and create new ideas

    What is Protection Video?

    Protection Mainstreaming Video with Arabic Subtitles