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    Insights into promising practices at UNHCR

    Do you have insights into promising practices that have worked well (or not) at UNHCR?

    We want to hear them.

    The objective of this online space is for UNHCR staff and affiliates to share knowledge on what works and what doesn't in the field and at Headquarters. If you have an idea about how UNHCR can better address the challenges faced by persons of concern, this is a safe space to share it. The UNHCR Innovation Service will also work jointly with UNHCR colleagues to produce case studies every quarter based on the conversations and promising practices added to this portal.

    Why does sharing promising practices matter for UNHCR?

    For an organization to progress and adapt to change, it must become a learning organization which draws lessons from its experiences in order to identify and understand promising practices. The sharing of practices will improve the way the organization works. They can be applied to specific contexts, institutionalized, shared and replicated at different levels: from local to international. However, if no action is taken to analyze, capitalize and share the knowledge gained in programs and projects, institutional memory will not be transmitted, the same mistakes will be repeated, the success of our experiences will not be known and opportunities for improved practices will be lost, thereby preventing the sharing of practices. An organization can turn knowledge into action through knowledge sharing and the capitalization of experiences.

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