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    Each quarter UNHCR will open the Insights Portal on UNHCR Ideas for new promising practices and lessons learned at both the field and HQ levels. We encourage you to be open regarding knowledge shared in this spaces - particularly about failures and experiments along the way. UNHCR staff and affiliates also have the opportunity to properly document their promising practice with the support of UNHCR Innovation Service and to have their content hosted on our website. If you have any questions or thoughts on how we could improve this space, don't hesitate to reach us at

    Step 1.

    Add your promising practices and lessons learned

    UNHCR staff and affiliates are invited to submit promising practices they've tested or implemented in the field. Participants can choose to add one or many submissions.

    Utilize the submission template to describe your practice and share knowledge with UNHCR colleagues around the world. You always have the option to submit your practices anonymously. 

    Step 2.

    Comments and collaboration

    UNHCR staff and affiliates can comment or ask questions on the submissions posted. The main objective is to learn about what works and what doesn't. We encourage you to collaborate, be transparent, and share your experiences openly.

    Start a conversation and learn from others across the UNHCR Ideas community.

    Step 3.

    Quarterly Selection 

    The UNHCR Innovation Service will review the submissions weekly and will engage UNHCR staff and affiliates interested in sharing their promising practice at a global level.

    There will be opportunities to document promising practices quarterly on the Innovation Website, through Q&A interviews, and throughout our publications. 

    Step 4.

    Supporting knowledge sharing across UNHCR


    As well as supporting the documentation of promising practices - the objective of this platform is a space for colleagues to discuss their lessons learned and failures in a constructive and transparent way.

    If you have recommendations on how we can better facilitate knowledge sharing through this platform - please forward your thoughts to