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    Automatic sanity showers

    by Anonymous 1503634104000

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      My practice was tested or implemented in:


      Give a brief outline of your promising practice:

      My practice project aims at helping students and refugees in other congested areas access to water showers which are automatic and 98% recyclable water.5000 litres of water able to be used by over 1000 people for over 5 years.

      The main lessons learned during the process of implementing or testing my practice:

      Cooperation and individual effort is key to any project success. A good platform to showcase one's project is key to any innovator.

      What is the significance of your experience/practice:

      To help many school going children find the worth,as well as encouraging many to attend school by giving something they will be proud of.

      I would be interested in working with UNHCR Innovation Service to further document my practice or lessons learned:


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