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    Site 3D printing station for refugees

    by Abiel Yirga 1505764663000

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      My practice was tested or implemented in:

      The Americas

      Give a brief outline of your promising practice:

      My idea is start a 3D printing station on the site(camps). Because of the deficiency of a lot of materials many refugees suffer a lot of problems. That's why this station needed. 3D printing station on the site can resolve many needs like toys for the refugee kids, school materials, medical materials and so on. By open a 3D printing station with a few or even one skilled person on CAD design we can print different materials easily and we can even download a CAD design from the network, see(    )    different CAD designs. And even we can open  UNHCR website that all the collected CAD designs models file can be found world wide. The  website can be used as design download center.

      The main lessons learned during the process of implementing or testing my practice:

      The main lesson I learned during the implementation is its so important to start this 3D printing right now. Because it's so easy, effective and so efficient.
      After a while this 3D printers will                upgrade to concrete 3D printers ,which means to construct houses for the refugees easily and fastly.

      What is the significance of your experience/practice:

      The significance of my practice is to build materials or the basic needs for the refugees  by 3D printing technology

      I would be interested in working with UNHCR Innovation Service to further document my practice or lessons learned:


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