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    Satellite communication as a referral tool and help to curb fraud

    by Victor Mogire 12/18/2017 11:24 AM GMT

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      My practice was tested or implemented in:


      Give a brief outline of your promising practice:

      This will be a system where satellite communication to report fraud within camps and other partners agencies. Every block in the camp will have at least one satellite phone to report the fraud anonymously. The camp leaders can be put in charge of the satellite phones. Partner agencies will also have a satellite phone in order to receive information that requires their intervention. This intervention will not only used to report fraud but also other problems in the refugee camps. In other challenges occurring in the camps, once an incident is reported, a copy is sent to UNHCR and another to the agency in charge of that particular problem. For example if its theft the message is sent to both the police and UNHCR. In case of sickness the message goes to WHO (or the agency in charge of health within the camps) and UNHCR. This platform will be most important in cases such as rape where immediate attention is needed in issuing PEP treatment and other medications. The form of identification used will be their ration card numbers because it is the unique identifier and with a ration card number their place of residence can be known. For the case of reporting fraud the ration card number won’t be necessary because of protecting the whistle blower’s identity. In some cases, children are not taken for immunization but are added to the ration cards to increase the quantity of food they receive in each month. In such cases, once a new born is added to the ration card, a message is sent by UNHCR to partner agency in charge of health to follow up on the immunization of the new born. This is also going to help reduce on infant mortality rate. To improve on partnership, other partner agencies will be encouraged to report to fellow agencies if they come across incidences that are beyond their expertise. Satellite communication will be preferred to a mobile application because; 1. Not all camps have consistent supply of internet connectivity 2. Phone holders may use the mobile phones for other uses other that what its intention is.

      The main lessons learned during the process of implementing or testing my practice:

      1. It’s important to do proper training to all users of the platform before rolling it out. 2. For the case of fraud reporting, protecting the identity of the whistle blower is very crucial. 3. In order to feel the change brought by this platform, every player will be encouraged to react quickly to any message received

      What is the significance of your experience/practice:

      1.  It will act as a suggestion box for UNHCR to get direct feedback from refugees.
      2.  It going to help solve many problems including, early child marriages, safe child delivery and domestic violence.
      3.  It will reduce on the wait time for a refugee to receive medication and other services.
      4.  It will reduce on infant mortality rate due to the quick follow up on deliveries.


      I would be interested in working with UNHCR Innovation Service to further document my practice or lessons learned:


      Fraud,Rape,PEP,safe child delivery,immunization,mortality rate,whistle blower

      Please attach any additional information and documents you'd like to share

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