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    Kibbutz - Survive, Recover & Gain

    by manikanta polisetti 12/27/2017 06:21 PM GMT

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      My practice was tested or implemented in:


      Give a brief outline of your promising practice:

      Kibbutzism is a years-old practice in forming the state of Israel. Kibbutz means gathering/clustering. These are collective communities in Israel that were traditionally based on agriculture.Kibbutzim began as utopian communities, a combination of Socialism and Zionism. I have been studying this system, need to do more research for building a new process from there best practices. 

      The main lessons learned during the process of implementing or testing my practice:

      In my findings, there are a lot of similarities that found in between a refugee camp and kibbutz. A nation is formed from ashes with this practice. This could be a path we can drive a settlement. A camp is run by UNHCR and a host country with there own responsibility!! But, with this practice there would be mutual input and growth.

      What is the significance of your experience/practice:

      Communal growth, Structure it like community dinner and childcare centers will give relief and confidence for the parents to concentrate on work for their future.

      The camp is divided into districts, depending on the skillset, knowledge base of the community. Each district can produce different units useful for community and host, these bring transactions.

      I would be interested in working with UNHCR Innovation Service to further document my practice or lessons learned:


      #Shared #Economic #Independence #Socialism #Communal #Refugee #Local #Exchange #Mutual

      Please attach any additional information and documents you'd like to share

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