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    GIS in mapping conflict zones to help planning

    by Victor Mogire 02/08/2018 03:10 PM GMT

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      My practice was tested or implemented in:


      Give a brief outline of your promising practice:

      This is whereby Geography Information Systems will be used in mapping conflict zones, roads and houses. This is going to help in planning and mobilization of resources because;

       1. By mapping of houses, it easier ti predict the number of people in that homestead,

       2. By mapping of roads, Its easier to know the routes one might use in escaping that particular area.

      In most scenarios, the affected individuals walk many kilometers to before finding refuge. (Refugees walked for 2 months) . Many lives  are lost on the way, more so the children and the vulnerable. Mapping the roads will help in knowing the rendezvous point where the refugees can be picked and taken to a safer place. 

      GIS can also be used in finding the most appropriate site to set up a refugee camp.

      Since this is a task that can be done virtually, online UNVs (United Nation Volunteers) can be engaged for this exercise. Its is cheaper since they are not paid, they only receive a certificate afterwards. Besides that, it is fast since many volunteers can be engaged at the same time.

      The main lessons learned during the process of implementing or testing my practice:

      1.Mapping should be done a bit earlier to give enough time for planning and verifying the mapping already done.

      What is the significance of your experience/practice:

      1. Aids in planning of resources for the new refugees.
      2. The vulnerable will be helped since they wont go long distance before getting help
      3. Real time data can be easily gotten.
      4. Most appropriate sites with water and other basic needs can be easily identified


      I would be interested in working with UNHCR Innovation Service to further document my practice or lessons learned:


      Please attach any additional information and documents you'd like to share

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