Oana Clitan

by Oana Clitan 05/19/2016 03:51 PM BST

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Oana Clitan and Giacomo Boffo

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Refugees come to Europe to escape war, totalitarian regimes and persecution; paradoxically, they frequently end up in situations where freedom of choice and democracy are much limited. Often this happens in refugee camps, where although sometimes representatives are elected, people still describe their condition as 'living in a prison'. Refu.rendum (Refugees + Referendum) is an online platform and app that gives refugees the possibility to vote on topics related to the camp they’re stationed in and on refugee status at large. It is a way of including refugees in a democratic framework that affects them directly, and of allowing them to regain a sense of community by making relevant choices for themselves. As refugee you log in the platform and you can participate in the ‘question of the week’, either regarding local (camp) or general refugee issues. For example: What does the Calais camp need? A new playground, more toilets, a community center or new pavements? The platform gathers the results in real time and publicly displays them on the website. Every practical question has a direct impact on the life in the camp, meaning the camp will use the results in handling their resources. The progress of the implementation will also be documented online. The second goal of Refu.rendum is to affect the way locals view refugees, not as people with lots of needs, but as individuals with opinions capable of a shared effort to improve their community. 

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