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    You asked - we answered. Here are a number of FAQs that have come to us in the past few weeks. Do you still have more questions? Feel free to email us:


    • What do the graduation tasks mean? All ideas added to the competition will move to the Nominate phase unless they are missing major sections of the idea submission template (ie: video, 250 words required) or if they are not relevant to the overall Challenge brief. Given the large number of ideas, it is inevitable that some ideas do not receive as much attention as others due to the filtering system. It is for this reason that the graduation tasks normally required to move forward in phases will not be required for this Challenge. The What Design Can Do Challenge Team will only use these votes and comments as an overall baseline for engagement and participation in the platform. We encourage you to try and complete the graduation tasks but they will not disqualify you from being moved to the Nominate phase. For a complete overview of this process, please go to the Process Page.

    • What is approval? Who does this? Approval is an additional graduation task. Prior to moving to the Nominate phase a moderator from the WDCD Challenge Team will review your idea and determine if you meet all the general guidelines requested within the idea submission form. You will only not be approved if you are missing profile/idea information or if your idea is not relevant to the Challenge (ie. it does not address the Challenge brief or is not relevant for refugees).

    • When do I move to the next phase? All dates and information relating to the Challenge process are located on the Process Page. All ideas submitted will be moved to the Nominate phase where the community will have the option to rank ideas against each other and help direct the best ideas into the overall longlist for the Selection Committee. 

    • Who are the ‘experts’ and what do they do? The experts from the WDCD Challenge are made up of over 40 experts from various backgrounds including the design, creative, humanitarian, and communication industries. What Design Can Do has also ensured that numerous refugees are included in this Expert Panel. Each expert has been assigned roughly 70 ideas and their primary task is to give feedback to participants on their initial concepts. Experts will also help identify the most promising ideas that will feed into the longlist for the Selection Committee.

    • How does the Selection phase work and how will the shortlist be created? A Selection Committee will put together a longlist and then a shortlist of top ideas based on the feedback from the community, moderators and experts. During this phase the public are invited to vote for their favourite ideas using the 'Pairwise' Voting system, wherein the user is served two entries next to each other and chooses the one he/she considers best. The results will be used as an overall benchmark and will help guide our Selection committee to their shortlist. Also, the #1 audience favourite will move automatically to the shortlist. Besides this, every idea that makes it to the Nominate phase will be considered and evaluated by the Selection Committee based on the judging criteria: Creativity, Relevance, Feasibility, Sustainability, Scalability, and Potential Impact. The Selection Committee will meet face-to-face in mid-June to finalize the top 20-30 ideas that will be judged by the Jury. These top 20-30 ideas will be announced 20 June and then be vetted by the Jury in a face-to-face meeting at the end of June.

      The Selection phase will also require participants to ensure their commitment to the WDCD Challenge Accelerator/Incubator program should they be selected as one of the top ideas.

    • Who are the judges and what are the criteria? We've announced twelve judges since the launch of the Challenge. The judges come from diverse backgrounds representing each of the partners involved in the Challenge - designers, humanitarians, artists and more. You can view their backgrounds and see all the judges announced here. The criteria that ideas will be judged on is: Creativity, Relevance, Feasibility, Sustainability, Scalability, and Potential Impact.

    • Can I share my idea on social media? Yes! We encourage you to share your idea across social media. But please do mention that users MUST be logged in to vote and comment on ideas. Everyone can register for the platform and participate in the Challenge.

    • I want to join forces with another idea. How can I do that? You can do this in two separate ways. One, you can join as a team member or invite people to join your idea. This option can be found on the right sidebar on your idea page. You can also merge your idea with other ideas. This needs the approval of both authors to be moved forward. You can request to have your ideas merged by emailing:

    • I don’t see my votes - where are they? Your votes should appear immediately - try clearing your cache or refreshing your page. 

    • My project is not visible - what's wrong? All ideas added are now visible to users logged into the platform. All ideas were hidden until the Contribute phase. If your idea is not visible it may have been quarantined due to language identified by the platform. If this is the case, an Administrator will approve your idea if it does not break the terms of use. Email if a problem persists.

    • My project has parts missing - where did these go? All ideas and all parts of your project should be visible. These viewing permissions were changed when we moved into the Contribute phase, and there may have been a brief delay in access. 

    • My project has not moved to the next phase - what can I do? All ideas will be moved manually to the Nominate phase if they are completed and are relevant to the Challenge briefs. Archived ideas are only those that have been added to the platform multiple times by accident or do not fit the overall criteria of the Challenge.

    Do you still have more questions for us? You can email us anytime at: