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    EAT & MEET

    by Jennifer Kinnunen 05/20/2016 05:27 PM BST

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      Jennifer Kinnunen, Marie Legleye, Camille Marshall, Elias Sougrati

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      We believe the refugee challenge is about supporting the new skills that have arrived and are continuing to arrive in Europe, and fostering connections with European citizens. When refugees arrive in their host countries they are often confronted by the reality that their new lives come with difficulties that include, but are not limited to, cultural integration and work. This proposal combines food and work to create the link for social integration. Eat & Meet proposes host cities renovate public buses into mobile community spaces to facilitate culinary, language and cultural exchange. This universal activity provides the opportunity to bring refugees and host communities closer together, foster their personal development and maximize their potential.

      Living in Brazil our team is constantly aware of the importance of street food and culture for the informal sector. This project takes the precedence set by Syrian refugees in Rio de Janeiro and formalizes their space and relationships. The mobility of these spaces liberate refugees movement restrictions, and promotes connections with other displaced groups as well as locals. Our entrepreneurial model gives refugees the opportunity to earn an income they can be proud of through the sales of their native dishes, and educate people on how to prepare/cook cultural delicacies. The renovation also includes a space for people to gather, for refugees and the host communities to meet, eat and share personal stories. It is our intention to set the table for creating social ties with food.

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      “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” confucius

      About us:

      Interning for Jorge Mario Jauregui in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil brought us together and has allowed us the opportunity to explore the importance of food in both culture and making a new place home. We have found that a person's relationship with food is even more vivid when traveling. Far from home, food helps people to take root, and connect to their heritage and history. It also provides a way to discover a new culture and tradition. As such it has become our symbol of sharing and the vehicle for bringing people closer together.

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