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    Smart Garden City - alternative refugee settlement design

    by Marcus Busby 1463680298000

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      A scalable spatio-temporal complex systems model. Providing a tangible framework combining innovative approaches to spatial design, natural capital restoration, economic development and integration; capable of catalysing emergent economies, knowledge, experience, innovation; fostering integration, skills-development, entrepreneurship, employment, quality education, growth, ecological restoration and climate adaptation, for long-term prosperity and resilience; exemplifying the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

      Capable of receiving high volumes of people from diverse backgrounds in short time-frames, applicable in any region of the planet. To provide short to long-term housing, water, food, energy, health and opportunity. After a comparable start-up investment period, it becomes economically autonomous, then an economic driver.

      A seed for a new economic growth cycle, based upon emergent green-blue circular economies of proximity, combining new technologies, established design approaches and equal advances in ecological restoration techniques.

      The model facilitates contemporary emergent growth in the latter Kondratiev, by emulating macrocosmic transitional growth at microcosmic levels – for specialised and localised successional growth. A built environment tailored to emergent economies.

      Differing from urban and refugee camp designs, using complexity and emergence as a creative starting point generates a different spatial form, allowing “place”, belonging, uniqueness, identity and cross-cultural collaboration, whilst planning, management and administration is streamlined.

      A template for transit-orientated, complex, fractal, scalable and sprawl-mitigating, zero-carbon, climatically resilient, walkable, metabolic and ecologically functioning settlement in dynamic equilibrium.

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      Growing a Garden City of Today v2.0 from Fractal Cities on Vimeo.

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